Google Ads Advertising Management

As Asthor Creative, we manage your Google Adwords advertising management by our certified professional account experts.

Let customers reach you as soon as they search for the products or services you offer on Google. Pay when your ad is clicked, your website is visited, or you receive a phone call.

Attracting new visitors to your website, increasing Internet sales, getting phone calls or making customers permanent are all possible thanks to Google AdWords.

Google Search Advertising

Display Google Advertising

Youtube Video Advertisement

Audience Tracking (Remarketing)

Search Advertising

By determining keywords related to your product and service area, it is aimed to gain new customers by ranking first in Google search results.

Youtube Video Advertisement

Let’s increase your video views with YouTube video ads.

Audience Tracking (Remarketing)

Let us increase your brand awareness and sales by presenting re-advertising to users who visit your website.

Google Content Network Advertising

Display Network campaigns run visually appealing ads. It helps you reach people as they navigate millions of websites, apps, and Google properties (like YouTube and Gmail).

Google Adwords Advertising Management

You can spread your products and services to large audiences with Google’s advertising service Adwords. You can maintain or improve your presence in search engines in the most effective way with Adwords, with the budget you have determined and the keywords related to your product group. Google Adwords ads are the last part of your digital marketing strategy and the most important link from which you will collect the results of your work.

Google search engine is among the most preferred search engines in the world today.