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About Smart People

As SmartPeople, we think that we should put people at the center of everything in the business world. We work for the happiness and success of people in business life, and serve individuals and institutions to realize their dreams. For us, human is not a resource but a value; It exists not only with its brain, but as a whole with its emotions, soul, body and mind.

Asthor Creative has been collaborating for many years in the visualization of Smart People’s services, joint creative ideas, and announcement and development processes.
Collaborates for corporate logo – brand identity – all digital and printed brochures – flyers – website design, social media advertisements and announcements. 

Corporate identity is indispensable for the brand to show itself everywhere and gain consistency. The starting stage of corporate identity is of course a correct logo design. We show the sensitivity and energy we show in logo design in the design of all other corporate materials so that the brand identity can gain a full meaning.

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