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Vizyon Teknik Corporate Identity and Logo

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Corporate identity is the process carried out to create and convey the brand vision using visual devices. By means of visual elements, it is tried to increase the company experience of the users. Logos and color schemes are effective in creating corporate identity. By creating a corporate identity, users’ loyalty to the brand can be maximized.

Corporate Identity Design

Letterhead / Badge / Business card

Diplomats envelope / Pen Metal / Pencil /

Phone Case / Paper bag


It is in the direction of corporate identity to be minimal, far from excessive pretentiousness, meaningful and understandable. Instead of using very contradictory colors to attract attention, meaningful and simple colors and designs should be preferred, where you can see elegance and simplicity.
The concept that is described as corporate identity is actually the concept that represents the stance, behavior and image of a company, institution, foundation or other such formations both inside and outside the company, as the name suggests, in other words, the identity of the company.

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