Codes of Creativity

Codes of Creativity

Cultural Values

As an example of combining two things, which is a creativity method; Press release ad for the famous sports equipment manufacturer Penn. The metaphor method was used in the advertisement in terms of creativity. For a creative advertisement, it was ensured that the selected symbol was combined with the message in the most correct way by paying attention to the maximum fusion between the product, symbol and message. While choosing the icons, attention was paid to the potential consumer’s culture and to their own values. Sponsoring the hockey competitions to be held in Canada, Penn managed to draw attention to its sponsorship by combining its product with Canada’s symbol ice hockey in its advertisements.

Sponsoring the hockey competitions to be held in Canada, Penn managed to draw attention to its sponsorship by combining its product with Canada's symbol ice hockey in its advertisements.

What we need to have for creativity; knowledge and having a different way of thinking. If combining two things is a form of creative thinking, the important thing here is to combine two things, or even three or four if you can. You can reveal existing knowledge and creative thinking according to creative codes, that is, according to media, cultural values, strategic insights or target audience, and sign creative advertisements such as the following.

Target group

As advertisements that address a specific target audience directly; the conversion of a billboard advertisement designed to describe a basketball club into an advertisement. The billboard is hung too high from the ground. A basket was attached to the sign and the promotional flyer was placed inside the basket circle. In this way, only tall people can receive the ad. By using the quality of this advertising medium, it has succeeded in approaching the target audience directly with consumer segmentation.


As a type of strategic advertising made in accordance with rational basis and to capture a certain consumer insight in advertising; We can give an example of an advertisement made by Nike in England, the idea is based on a very simple but very important insight, with the headline “Yesterday, You Said Tomorrow”, and most people find something from itself in the advertisement. Nike, who does not even feel the need to use his name in the advertisement, has engraved its slogan in mind.



As one of the largest logistics companies in Brazil, Ecovia is a brand that has undertaken important social responsibilities in the country. Ecovia has come up with a creative advertisement that includes a social responsibility message for the New Year. In the ad, Santa’s distinctive laughter, Ho Ho Ho, and the component value of water, H2O, were used together, and the result was a beautiful ad that encouraged people to consume water and continue their laughter instead of consuming alcohol on New Year’s Eve.