First Second Strategy

Digital Advertising First Second Strategy

Today, with the development of digital advertising, we see that the marketing strategies and targets set have changed. When we look back, there weren’t that many digital channels, and whatever we offer to the consumer, the consumer had to accept it. Where we are now is very different. We can say that brands are more influenced by consumers for the developments in the developing technology and digital.

Brands see this influence in the production phase of the content and in the way this content is presented. The involvement of consumers in all these mentioned stages has revealed new consumer behaviors today. Because now the consumer receives, interprets and makes sense of the information. We, the advertisers, have to change our strategies according to rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

In digital advertising, it is getting harder and harder to attract consumers and engage them for a long time. Today’s consumers connect to social media platforms mostly from mobile, and it’s only a matter of time before they get past the ads on that small screen. In this case, we, the advertisers, should ask ourselves the following question: ‘How can I extend the consumer’s mobile ad viewing time?’ In order to answer this question, it is necessary to address the first second strategy. Let’s look at the details of the ‘first second strategy’ in mobile advertising…

Creating Watchable Ads

When we look at social media today, brands share an average of 66 thousand content every day. If we include digital ads in this number, we can say that consumers are exposed to a lot of advertising content. So, how will your ads stand out from all this content? For this, you will need to test your mobile video ads that you want to make. However, it is imperative that you determine the appropriate element for the user in the mobile ads you will make at this time. So what attracts the user’s attention here? as. It is possible to perform the testing process using Youtube TrueView. To explain Youtube TrueView, we can say that it is an in-stream advertisement. And you can determine how your ads will appear for your brand and choose when to publish your ad to your target audience. In addition, it is useful to research Google’s Brand Reinforcement theory for brand awareness and advertising perception.

Apart from technical information, the ‘development introduction, development result’ factor and story creation part are important in your ad. And these two elements support the ‘first second strategy’ in the mobile advertising world. Today, brands have turned to logos to capture the first second in consumer perception in content and editing. Brands, especially in social media ads, include a logo intro effect between 0.4 or 0.5 seconds. This is due to the fact that the brand logo for the perception of mobile fast transition is intended to include the consumer perception.

In digital advertising, marketers are expected to have a creative perspective, or a close to creative approach. Because, in order to capture that first second in the consumer, it is important to bring emotionality to the fore in studies along with certain visual elements, visual complexity, approaches that will trigger visual perception. The main issue we want to tell here is: How did your ad make the user feel in the first 5 seconds? did he laugh did she cry Or is it relieved? According to research, the truth is that; users like humorous ads more. At the same time, these humorous ads support your brand’s awareness and retention time. So what will you do if your ad is not humorous? Then, you should determine an advertisement content that creates a sense of curiosity in the first second or prioritizes “emotionality”. Finally, if you want, you can use A/B tests in your ads. When you apply the A/B test, you can easily analyze which visitor model your advertising works appeal to in terms of content and visuals.

We are in a period where content consumption in digital is incredibly fast. And since this consumption occurs mostly on mobile devices, mobile advertising and its metrics have a special importance. If you are wondering about successful ad setups suitable for these metrics, let’s take a look at the examples together…

Successful Mobile Advertising Setups

To understand the types of video ads that users watch most, Google’s Copy&Code team and BBDO NY OMD WORLDWIDE tested specific video ads with editing. Here is the first Mtb Dew Kickstart. In this commercial, three men sip their Mtb Dew Kickstart drinks and start dancing. Meanwhile, everyone around them joins them. This ad we’re talking about is a 30-second ad. When we examine the advertisement, we see that it has ‘introduction, development, conclusion’ sections and most importantly, it has a story. We understand that the trio of action, fiction and music creates a whole.